The end of consultancy.

Really? It is a bold claim. But the harsh truth is that business leaders have consistently found that even the best of the traditional consultants have failed to deliver change that endures. A recent survey of UK CEOs found that over half of them believe consultants fail to deliver on culture change programmes*. Considering that those FTSE CEOs that were asked spend millions of pounds a year on such programmes, that is a lot of money in the bin. (*Scroll down to download the survey report)

Of course, if you’re looking for guidance on wider strategic issues – globalisation, diversification, acquisition and merger and so on – there are plenty of experts you can call upon for considered advice. But if your business needs help on the front line, if you want to get the best out of the people you already have, if you want improvements in productivity and quality of output right now, it might be more effective to work with an organisation that is accustomed to doing rather than talking.

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A different kind
of consultancy.

We have a different way of working. We call it The Unipart Way. It offers a refreshing and powerful alternative to the traditional approach. At its heart, The Unipart Way seeks to engage every single employee within an organisation. It aims not only to motivate them,
but also to equip them with the skills to become their own consultants; to diagnose problems and then to create the solutions that will make a dramatic difference.
Engage every single employee within an organisation
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Why do we
know what we’re
talking about?

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From Shop Floor to Top Floor
Try taking tiny incremental
steps each and every day
Share everything with everyone

Well, we’ve been refining The Unipart Way for over 20 years, and we can tell you in no uncertain terms that it works. For a start, it has completely transformed our own business.

We began by studying the pioneering work in employee engagement and refining it to suit the demands of the 21st century. We rigorously apply The Unipart Way to every strata of our business, from shop floor to top floor. The result is a culture where a ‘can do’ attitude and a ‘will do’ commitment are infectious.

The proof of our method’s efficacy is in the outstanding results our manufacturing, logistics and rail divisions have achieved for our customers – and lately, in the astonishing transformations our Expert Practitioners have helped their clients to achieve by working with them to implement The Unipart Way.

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By way of endorsement, listen
to what Sky have to say.

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Will The Unipart
Way work for

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It works for everyone from the bottom up.

We firmly believe that there is no business or organisation on the planet that cannot benefit from better employee engagement. There is a wealth of untapped potential in every person, however well they are already working. The Unipart Way is a coherent approach supported by a simple yet sophisticated set of tools and techniques that exists solely to unlock that potential. And it works for everyone from the bottom up.

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Look at what just a few of our
clients have achieved:

An £11.7 million reduction in offshore IT costs for a global investment bank.

Our Expert Practitioners
are ready and waiting.

They will roll up their sleeves and work alongside your people. By walking a few dozen miles in your employees’ shoes, they will earn trust and also develop a deep understanding of your business. Then they will help you deliver change that is immediate and, more importantly, sustainable.





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Annual savings of £1.2bn for a single
government department.

90% of policies issued on time for a leading
insurance company – an improvement from 45%.

An 80% reduction in inventory across ten factories
around the world for the industrial manufacturer ESAB.

More than 23,000 additional patients benefited from improvements in their ambulance service.

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Our logistics team is
on its marks too.

We can also help you with everything from distribution to synchronising your complete
supply chain. Unipart is already the partner of choice for a number of major brands, including Homebase,Vodafone and Jaguar:

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Last year we came up with 130 new ideas
that saved Homebase £600,000.

Vodafone appointed us to handle services
ranging from logistics and handset repairs to
customer relations.

Shell achieved a 70% rise in productivity in their
Hong Kong operations. And after a series of workshops, one forklift driver had this to say: ‘For nearly twenty years I had just been a unit
of resource. Now I feel as if my opinion
and expertise count.’

Siemens named Unipart Rail its Service Provider of the Year, citing our operational excellence in the delivery of spares.

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We’d love to
hear from you.

If you want action not words, if you want immediate implementation rather than page after page
of recommendations, do please get in touch by email at, or use the links below.

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